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Collaboration & Social Media

Collaboration & Social Media

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            Within whatever future career I attain in communications and advertising/PR, there will be many reasons I would use social media and collaboration of working in teams.  If I were to work for an advertising company, where I had to investigate a specific target market, I would use the different social media platforms that specific target audience might possibly be using. I would make the effort to identify any trends in that audiences’ searches.

If we incorporate social media tools in our collaboration, things could have the possibility of becoming more efficient. Efficient in the sense of compatibility.  If people are working together on many different projects and if the opportunity is there, they could use different social media tools to complete a task and then send it over to who it needs to go to. ” Technologies such as blogs, wikis, tag clouds, social networks and podcasts blend user-generated content and ad hoc information-sharing capabilities on one hand, with data about the people involved and the tasks they are doing on the other.” (2008, p.1). When the user generated content is blended with all other data and information searches, it gives advertisers a good idea about a person or group of people.  It can show them what certain users are searching, buying, liking, posting, and more.

“The rise and popularity of social media have had a dramatic effect on the ways people interact and share information on a personal level…” (Yurcan, 2013).  When there is a dominate social media platform, you can obviously conclude that a majority of people are using that platform. When you are able to figure out the different demographics that use them, you can organize the groups accordingly.  When there is a few dominate social media sites that someone uses and they only view specific things, then they only post things pert ante to those of their pleasure, views, ideas, or beliefs. This can become a problem because they only advertise what that person wants to see, or has looked at. When they aren’t informed about other things they don’t think to look up, then they begin avoiding it at all costs, unconsciously. They begin to have a more closed mind, closed view point and are less open to hearing other people’s ideas. This obviously leads to less collaboration for those people, which makes it harder for the people that are willing to collaborate, to do so.

“CIOs generally fall into three categories: Asocial – Makes no effort to get on with anybody, including their boss. Machiavellian – Effort making extends to only those with political power. Collaborator – Proactively looks to engage with users at every level of the organisation.” (2011, McCormack). Unfortunately, some CIOs can end up in a category that seems like it shouldn’t even exist, considering they are a CIO. Perhaps you can conclude that CIOs that fall under a “Collaborator” could potentially have most success in their organization. Collaboration is the number one skill in any career, no matter what it is. If you think you don’t have to work with others and share/feed from each other’s ideas in your future career, then you are in a bit of a predicament. It doesn’t matter what field or concentration you are working in, you are always going to need communication skills and cooperation for team work. And once you do learn how valuable sharing ideas can be, collaboration will eventually become second nature to you, and you will hopefully understand it’s significance.


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Social Media Technology in Future Careers

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              How I might use technology in my future career field, after college, would be in many different ways.  One way would be using the computer for research. In advertising, if you don’t know anything about the company you are possibly prospecting, or may have as an account- then you need to research information about them, their products or their services. For example, Di Pietro and Pantano said; after conducting this research, I found that, in fact, the fun provided in Facebook, as well as the possibility to ask for suggestions in an ease and entertaining way motivate users in both actively participating in the social life and paying more attention to the products and services promoted via Facebook (2012). This was for research about a specific aspect for consumers’ influence from Facebook advertising. The information was researched and needed in order to know completely if the advertising on Facebook was effective or not. I know 100% I will have to use the internet for research, in order to present things accurately.

            In the career I pursue in my future, I know I will have to use technology in the environment I settle in. People overlook the small things that can be very valuable in knowing how to use correctly. For example, using a copy/scanner machine is something that every person who works in an office typesetting, should know how to use. Though, those are the small things that most people unconsciously neglect.  Being an advertising/public relations major, I think it is important to become somewhat familiar with design programs such as, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, and the like. This is important because there may be an instance that comes up last minute to make changes to an advertisement, but your designated designer(s) are out and unable to complete the task before deadline. If you know how to cope with this and you are flexible enough to work around the obstacles, it ends up working out for the better- in every ones favor.

            Overall, I am well aware that I will constantly be using old, new, and re-worked technologies of all kinds throughout my future career field. Technology has already made endless amounts of advancements in very short periods of time. Therefore, it will only continue to do so more as time goes on. Technology has been changing since the start and in order to be informed and keep up with the innovations, you have to be able to apply the tasks on your own and keep yourself updated on changes/additions.




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Social Media Opinion Piece


I use social media in a few different ways. One way I use it is for leisure and pleasure, as well as to find out new and interesting information about random facts.  I also use social media websites to follow brands and companies or organizations that I like.  As most college students have, I have a Facebook and Twitter. I also have an account for Instagram, WordPress, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, Skype, Foursquare, and Stumble Upon.

I use these social media sites for fun and finding out information about activities that I enjoy doing or learning about, such as soccer, yoga, vegetarianism, art, painting, traveling, advertising, environmentalism, media and more.  I usually follow companies and brands that I favor, to view their posts and updates about news or other information.  I enjoy following companies that share/post articles and world news updates, for example, with the way I use Twitter.  I follow a diverse number of professional news companies, or companies in general about advertising and public relations.  I also follow job postings to be able to stay informed for my future of finding jobs in my field of study.

I see people use social media websites, in similar ways as I do, as well as the complete opposite way.  I have seen people use their Facebook as an agenda, where they begin (and never stop) listing what they are doing every hour of every day.  I feel that this is very pointless. Though, this is not to say that posting information about random things is pointless, but I think that if you are going to post something, to have it be something interesting or informational in some way.  I see younger people that have very unprofessional pages or profiles, where they do not monitor what they are posting.  I believe this could be harmful to them in the future if they continue to post freely, because they will build a reputation from what they post.

The most beneficial aspect within the use of social media is that these sites are a great way for companies, businesses and organizations to get their word out.  They are able to reach more of their target audience(s), if not those in the target audience that they have not yet been able to reach.  Social media along side of traditional advertising is helpful to these advertisers because of how it helps grab the target audience by getting them physically involved in some way.  For example, advertising on Facebook could be a good way to intrigue your audience.  A study shows that there is interest in the advertising messages by the Facebook users, that the content of the advertising messages are viewed both exciting and reliable by them, that these messages motivate them to buy, and that Facebook represents a successful medium for products promoting (Yousif, 2012).  As stated in this article, Facebook is essentially a good way to promote products and services, along side traditional advertising.

A detrimental aspect to social media sites is the fact that people will spend hours on end on numerous amounts of social media websites, and get nothing accomplished.  Of course, it is always nice to be able to use things for leisure, but sometimes you can’t limit yourself to one medium.  Even though social media is fairly new, I have witnessed some changes in it over the past few years.  From the short amount of time when social media first became very popular to now, there has been definite changes, upgrades/updates, and additions.  A number of different social media mediums are constantly being used as well as constantly changing as time goes on.



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