CAP 105 Final

1. Illustrator/Photoshop or Indesign:       a) The Flying Wombats      b) Logo:


2.  Digital Photo & Manipulation: Group Photos:

blue structure

Transformational Link: This piece is an icon because of the superstitions behind it (bad luck). It is also iconic enough for people to get married under! This is located in front of Au Sable hall, just before Great Lakes Crossings.

Changes: Altered the hue and replaced the color to bright black.


L. Williams Seidman statue. This newer sculpture is becoming more iconic everyday, mainly because it is of Grand Valley’s founder- Mr. Seidman, himself!

Changes: Altered photo to black and white, also changing the brightness.

white sculpture

The Star Sculpture: It is iconic because legend has it, the shadow casts the GV logo at a specific time of the day. This is located in front of Zumberge Offices.

Changes: Replaced color and changed saturation

wrecking ball

Untitled (name): Known as the wrecking ball by most students, it was just repaired and replaced to it’s spot outside of Padnos Hall.

Changes: Replaced colors and changed the hue

3. Geolocation Services:


For this part, we approached the 20/20 desk, where we asked them to tweet CAP105 Final & also tagged Adrienne Wallace.

4. Internet Culture/Memes:


Vadering Meme


Quidditching Meme


Hadouken Meme

5. Video:

6. Photoshop favorite sculptures:  & how they “speak to us”:


This fountain reminds me of fountains in Italy. They are meaningful to me because when I was in Italy, I used to hang out at some of the fountains and socialize with others sitting nearby.


This piece is one of my favorites because it goes unrecognized. It seems to be under appreciated in the Grand Valley community. Therefore, I wanted to bring light upon it!


I enjoy this particular piece because it is dainty & flexible, like a flower. Yet, it has a huge amount of presence. You can’t walk by it without noticing it’s vibrancy.

7. Internet Research: GVSU Foundation Annual Report on Giving

GVSU report giving

The information is located on pages 28 and 29 of the report. The part that stood out most to the Flying Wombats was the  fact that the $2.3 million goal was exceeded for Robert B. Annis Field Station.

8. Instagram Video


9. Wrecking Ball Image:


The wrecking ball is an important part to Grand Valley. It is more properly known as the pendulum.


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