Health in PR

          Health should be a great concern within the world of PR. “PR can be an effective and cost-effective component of the marketing mix, one that is able to convey meaningful medical information to key audiences.” (Tillet, 2004). Sometimes, although advertising can help create greater awareness and make things known to the public, it can also have an effect on our health if they are the same commercial messages over and over.

            PR is able to provide the messages able to convey what they want the target audiences to know. “So why isn’t PR taken more seriously as part of the marketing mix? Because PR professionals need to demonstrate their ability to move consumers down the critical path, from disease and risk awareness to treatment awareness and action.” (Tillet, 2004). Sometimes this can be a difficult task to accomplish for a PR professional. It takes quite a bit of strategic planning and evaluating before and after implementing a strategy.

            “There was little focus on marketing by Health Care Providers before the mid 1900’s because they did not realized the need for it.” (Gbadeyan, 2010). As marketing become more and more well-known to all different types of companies and organizations, health care providers started to accommodate marketing into their organization. Marketing for a health care provider became a very important aspect to marketers. It also began to require more specialized talent in a person’s actions.

            “Hospital Marketers now required special skills about Patient confidentiality and Privacy Act, Community and Health Care Administration, Knowledge of how Profit and Non Profit Hospital operate, Hospital funding, developing an efficient Hospital Media Relations and manage Hospital Publications and Special events. ” (Gbadeyan, 2010). Having a PR department in a hospital can provide a better overall message for the company itself. It helps keep the hospital organized and better able to communicate with one another as well as the outside world.

Kidney Shape Business And Medical Infographic Design Template Royalty Free Stock Vector Art Illustration



Gbadeyan, R. A. (2010). Health care marketing and public relations in not for profit hospitals in nigeria. International Journal of Business and Management, 5(7), 117-125. Retrieved from

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