Crisis Communication in PR

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               Crisis communication within public relations can be referred to as a sub-specialty. When a crisis, or detrimental situation happens to an organization or company, public relations professionals are responsible for protecting and defending that individual, company, or organization. In order to deal with problems, professional PR people have to be well-versed in solving problems strategically and executing the fix in the most proper manner. They have to make sure each member within the team communicates their part in detail to the whole team, as well as understanding each other’s jobs throughout the plan.

            “An organization’s reputation is as important as any other corporate asset, and many organizations have some kind of crisis plan intended to protect that reputation should something go wrong. This is when effective management of information (controlling communications) is so vital – and always difficult.” (Ashcroft, 1997). As I mentioned, the communication is essential in producing management that will be effective and as efficient as possible. The company/organization’s brand reputation is a very important part to their overall mission. Each organization has specific wants and needs in order to convey their brand image in a unique and identifiable way.

            Problems occur within a company and/or organization pretty frequently. They are dealt with in the most effective way possible to better the situation. ” Crises represent serious threats to the most fundamental goals of an organization and its stakeholders. These events are unexpected and sometimes unpredictable.” (Fatima, 2013). A crisis can be much more harmful to a company or organization. One crisis could damage the reputation significantly. If there are very little resources available to fix the situation, it can become even more damaging.

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