Public Relations Reflection

Sunset on the North Sea, Amrum, Germany

I reflect upon public relations as the idea of networking and getting ideas, thoughts, comments, suggestions, and more out in the open; where people can then analyze and prioritize among them. I think it includes many factors, from using social media outlets, to analyzing statistical information, and maintaining a specific image to others or the world. I believe public relations has a wide variety of many different positions. So, to try and define it in one sentence is a bit difficult unless you have a specific department (so-to-speak) to consider.

I think that public relations can be thought of as a reputation. The overall image of a company or organization is essentially how they represent their brand. It is similar to “picking a personality” of a celebrity, or figure to relate that to the tone of the brand.  Public relations is being able to maintain a certain image or idea/personality, and living up to its standards. I think that it comes in many different forms.  Because there is so much to public relations, it is critical that all parts of the company/organization are all on the same page. They must be working together to be able to create and sustain the important factors that make up their organization as a whole. I believe if things are executed correctly, brands can uphold their image/personality to the public.

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