Diversity in PR

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          I believe that diversity is completely essential to have a strong foundation in companies and organizations within their public relations. Not to mention, we are in the one country that was built on diverse standards. To think that we WOULDN’T need or that we SHOULDN’T have diversity in our relations between companies, as well as within our own companies, is completely foolish.

          PRSA.org, “Do You Really Need a Diverse Staff to Provide Media or Community Outreach to Specific Racial Ethnic Groups?”, states that “By 2050, these three ethnic groups will be in the majority of US residents, representing 55 percent of the U.S. American population.” (Sánchez-De Alba, 2005). The three ethnic groups were African-American, Latino, and Asian-Pacific-American.

In PR Daily, they say, “…its mission remains the same: to promote a workforce that more closely mirrors the communities in which we live and work in terms of age, race, ethnicity, and gender.” (Tindall, 2010). I believe this to be true. You cannot have an attainable workplace if you don’t have perspectives from all different backgrounds. Schools continually embed ‘critical thinking’ in your head. Well, if you have to think critically, you have to think from all sorts of paths and directions, as well as additional branches off of the first paths- if you’re still with me. All in all, you need the views of all different people to take place first, then branch out from there.

“For example, anti-slavery associations used emotional appeals and testimonials to convince audiences about the evils of slavery.” (Tindall, 2010). Within this situation, I think a majority of people can agree that testimonials would really make you think twice. To have a work environment that is healthy, manageable, and enjoyable is ideal. I believe the only way a company or organization can read those standards is to have a good amount of diversity in their daily environment.

Young people jumping on Mission Beach, San Diego, California, USA


N. Tindall, (February 7, 2012). Diversity in the PR field: Some Progress, though challenges persist.

V. Sánchez-De Alba (2005). Do You Really Need a Diverse Staff to Provide Media or Community Outreach to Specific Racial Ethnic Groups?


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