Social Media Opinion Piece


I use social media in a few different ways. One way I use it is for leisure and pleasure, as well as to find out new and interesting information about random facts.  I also use social media websites to follow brands and companies or organizations that I like.  As most college students have, I have a Facebook and Twitter. I also have an account for Instagram, WordPress, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, Skype, Foursquare, and Stumble Upon.

I use these social media sites for fun and finding out information about activities that I enjoy doing or learning about, such as soccer, yoga, vegetarianism, art, painting, traveling, advertising, environmentalism, media and more.  I usually follow companies and brands that I favor, to view their posts and updates about news or other information.  I enjoy following companies that share/post articles and world news updates, for example, with the way I use Twitter.  I follow a diverse number of professional news companies, or companies in general about advertising and public relations.  I also follow job postings to be able to stay informed for my future of finding jobs in my field of study.

I see people use social media websites, in similar ways as I do, as well as the complete opposite way.  I have seen people use their Facebook as an agenda, where they begin (and never stop) listing what they are doing every hour of every day.  I feel that this is very pointless. Though, this is not to say that posting information about random things is pointless, but I think that if you are going to post something, to have it be something interesting or informational in some way.  I see younger people that have very unprofessional pages or profiles, where they do not monitor what they are posting.  I believe this could be harmful to them in the future if they continue to post freely, because they will build a reputation from what they post.

The most beneficial aspect within the use of social media is that these sites are a great way for companies, businesses and organizations to get their word out.  They are able to reach more of their target audience(s), if not those in the target audience that they have not yet been able to reach.  Social media along side of traditional advertising is helpful to these advertisers because of how it helps grab the target audience by getting them physically involved in some way.  For example, advertising on Facebook could be a good way to intrigue your audience.  A study shows that there is interest in the advertising messages by the Facebook users, that the content of the advertising messages are viewed both exciting and reliable by them, that these messages motivate them to buy, and that Facebook represents a successful medium for products promoting (Yousif, 2012).  As stated in this article, Facebook is essentially a good way to promote products and services, along side traditional advertising.

A detrimental aspect to social media sites is the fact that people will spend hours on end on numerous amounts of social media websites, and get nothing accomplished.  Of course, it is always nice to be able to use things for leisure, but sometimes you can’t limit yourself to one medium.  Even though social media is fairly new, I have witnessed some changes in it over the past few years.  From the short amount of time when social media first became very popular to now, there has been definite changes, upgrades/updates, and additions.  A number of different social media mediums are constantly being used as well as constantly changing as time goes on.



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