ArtPrize Technology & Potential


Technology has given us humans an incredible advantage for a number of things. Whether it’d be from a medical aspect, scientific aspect, social aspect, and every thing/anything in between.

At ArtPrize, technology use is extremely helpful and efficient. It is a convenience for people who are constantly on the go. For voting, it is very easy and quick for anyone using the app on their smart phone. This saves them the time of having to try to remember what pieces of art they saw, liked, disliked, etc. It also could be better use in the honesty. Sure, there will be a picture if you were to vote online and not at your convenience, on the go- but let’s face it, the art is always better in person. Therefore, they could be voting for it and be around the artwork, where they will be better able to identify with it.

It has been said on that, “At ArtPrize, spectators and visitors like you take an active role as judge and critic, and an unprecedented top prize is determined solely by public vote.” This explains it all for you. You are able to be the ones judging, instead of a selective group of people.

In At ArtPrize, tech propels urban explorers, Mark Smith said “In the competition’s first year, many weren’t aware of the rich, real-time discussion happening online about ArtPrize, and may have missed out on some of the most buzz-generating pieces of art, ArtPrize executive director Bill Holsinger-Robinson said.” This proves that more people are less likely to vote if it is just online. It is easier for people to interact and become involved with their tech-savvy smart phones.

In the Detroit Free Press, Mark Stryker explains that, “More than 1,500 entries will be on display at nearly 170 venues with $560,000 in prize money at stake — $360,000 awarded by public vote via smartphone, text message and the Internet with the top vote getter receiving $200,000. ” He explains it as “awarded by the public”, I thought this was interesting because it goes to show that the use of the smart phone for voting is at a big advantage for the growth within ArtPrize. In my opinion, I believe it to make the organization and event stronger and stronger as the years go on.

Overall, the use we have on our smart phones for voting at ArtPrize is highly dependable. It is competent, economical and collective. ArtPrize is an amzaing event, not only for the artists that enter, but from the volunteers, the board(s), the employees, to the general public- whether that’d be students, adults, families, elder, or plain old any one! ArtPrize is a great way to bring the community together with the surrounding communities. And to have the public be able to interact while attending the event through their smartphone is helpful for networking & connecting with the people that surround you.

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