ArtPrize: Technology & Voting


Behind the scenes at Artprize: have you wondered how Artprize was put together so well? I have. For such a big event that goes on for over two weeks, workers and volunteers put things together more organized than I would expect. Having only known about Artprize for just over a year, I am still fairly new to the event. It seems that there are never ending activities, venues, galleries, clubs, sponsorships, and more.

Artprize does not limit themselves to a particular group or age to qualify as a volunteer worker.  Anybody and everybody are welcome to join Artprize’s volunteer team(s). Amelea Pegman published on August 3, 2013 in Artprize’s website, “Students, teachers, retired professionals, working professionals, young and old, it doesn’t matter your background because by opening day everyone becomes part of the team, contributing their knowledge, their smile, and their support for the community.” Artprize is all about getting people to come together, while enjoying each other’s company and creating an environment for the public to also enjoy.

With the easy set up of voting on the Artprize app, the public is able to have a say in the different arts they personally appreciate. With volunteers to help the different directors and workers make this event happen, it encourages the general public to become more involved- in physical and technological presence. This way, they are able to feel more a part of the ongoing two week event, instead of just merely attending.

Rick DeVos acquired the idea of Artprize just over five years ago.  In The Wall Street Journal, John Miller wrote: “So he (Rick DeVos) created the world’s most lucrative art contest, with the biggest winners chosen by the public rather than experts.” This goes to show, letting the public have a say and vote on what they want is much more intriguing than having ‘experts’ do the voting. This, in my opinion, brings more people to attend and be involved in the event, all around.

Being able to do the registering & voting all from your phone, at home, at a friend’s, or wherever it may be- makes it that much simpler. Not only is it an easy, quick way, but in the end continues to grab and grow with more voters for the years to come.

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